Thank You for the energy Chicago!!

I think we are extremely lucky to be in a business where you see people happy 98% of the time! (had to take away the 2% for accuracy). We are also extremely blessed to get to travel and visit different states/countries & people.  Last week we ended up in Chicago for the second time this year! The best part about Chicago is not how beautiful the city is but how open the people are! We arrived in Chicago, the Groom was so gracious to pick us up from the airport & make sure we had all of the accommodations necessary. First thing we had to do was try some deep dish pizza!! (I still like NY pizza better, sorry Chicago!) Later, we enjoyed the town, got to have a little fun and went dancing together. We visited the coolest Underground/speakeasy/TIKI bar called "Three dots and a dash" (drinks and ambiance was amazing!)  Afterwards, we accidentally ended up in the most awesome lounge - The Disco Room at Celeste. The music was soooo good, we ended up dancing the night away to the best throwbacks, MJ, Donna Summer, and more... if you're ever in Chicago, make sure you go there. I think disco has a way of just making you let go of any inhibitions and dance like no one is watching!

The next day was the wedding day! We were ready to bring an energy to Chicago that they have never experienced. We love to be with our NY crowds and see familiar faces but there is something about meeting people for the first time and connecting on a vibe that continues to elevate that is a whole different story.  We took Maria & Geno and 230 of their closest friends on a journey that started with Fun, beautiful and exciting and ended up at insanity. Chicago's energy is so special, everyone was there to experience and enjoy the moment, let go and just party. We partied for 6 hours straight! Not once did we have a dance floor that was not packed! The end of the night just went to a whole new level when the bride & groom literally crowd surfed! (video proof --->)

Lastly, it was amazing to get the phone calls and texts from the bride and groom, and even their parents thanking us. Thank you for the Thank Yous!

Special thanks to my team DJ Alex Edge, Henry, Yelena, & Mario for always bringing your energy and talent!

Thank you Chicago!

Check out some of the footage we were able to capture on our phones!!




Crowd Surfing!

We found love! Chicago 

Three dots & a Dash

Three dots & a Dash



The Dream Team as Rubber Ducks: @ the Marriott Hotel

The Dream Team as Rubber Ducks: @ the Marriott Hotel

Fun @ The Disco Room - Downtown Chicago


First Dance Songs - Find one that really relates to you!

We recently worked with a beautiful couple that chose a first dance song that I had never heard before. It was really special because the lyrics had so much meaning. When meeting with the bride, I got to know the story of the bride and groom.  Seeing the way they looked at each other during every line of this song made me think about how powerful it is to be dancing to your STORY in that first moment as husband and wife. 

Check out their song:

Time Flies when you're having a blast!

This week I have been working on some editing for new videos and I realized that we had so much amazing footage from an event we did for FLIGHT CENTER one year ago, but no actual video.  I decided that I needed to dedicate some time to creating a 5 minute flashback of our amazing time in Boston.  Check out the video!

We had a team of musicians and dancers and we lit up the stage for 6 hours for a crowd of 2000 people. If you ever want to know what Beyonce feels like, I think I've experienced something close!

This crowd was ready to go.  Singing along to all of the songs, jumping on the dance floor all night and holding out their hands to get a high 5 from the band! we had so much fun, can't wait to do it all again!

Check out this 5 minute recap!